Fall 2019

The Fraternity Issue

20 years later, Drummer has risen from the ashes with issue 215, the Fraternity Issue. From a pig camp to a punching scene, and foot worship to cigar fetishists, this action-packed issue takes you deep into the scene that you love, looking at how these things, and more, bring us all together. Featuring work by Race Bannon, Joe Gallagher, PIGtures, McKenzie James, Eric Anders, Jack Fritscher, Patrick Califia, and many others. Premiere issue is FREE but subscribe now for subsequent issues.

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Puff, Puff, Pass

By Race Bannon

The Brotherhood of Cigar Fetishists READ MORE

Kink, Dirt, and Fire

By PIGtures

My First Pig Camping Experience at Steppenbrand READ MORE

Getting Off on the Right Foot

By RM Vaughan

Foot worship at Berlin’s Böse Buben READ MORE