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That thing that gets you off, that place you have to go in your head to make you shoot, those things that two men can do with each other when they feel deeply connected, with complete trust in one another. Tell us about it.

Why put yourself out there like that? Because we are a fraternity of outlaws and outcasts. Our sexual desires set us apart and we can only look to each other for a sense of belonging and to find partners in our erotic adventures.

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Entry #1

Master Teaches Young Marine

 Submitted by EERO KIVI

Master Ross was a retired barber. He cut hair and shaved men. His visiting young muscular Marine Corps officer sat strapped in the barber chair in the basement dungeon as Master trimmed his hair into high and tight flat top, then restrained the Marine spread out hanging from ceiling chains, with legs spread, for a complete shave with a straight razor. Mouth gag, blindfold, and earplugs muted the Marine as Master worked and some leather Masters gathered for the entertainment. Thor’s cock stood up, dripped. He barely breathed as the straight razor swept over the shaving soap to remove his light blond hair.

He blushed and his wide ears waggled as he felt the blade smooth his chest, so close to his little nipples that firmed up in fear. He held his breath as it swept around his cock and balls. The men chatted over cigars and beer as they watched the Master shaver at work.
Leathermen enjoyed watching the Master educate the young man. They had been invisible while Master Ross had cleaned out the Marine before trimming him. The Marine had blushed red, even to his ears and chest. A Marine was a special treat, they whispered to each other. A body builder like this one was real quality. “Recruiting poster pretty boy,” one told the others. “Those lips ever suck cock?” “Good shoulders.” “Ass firm.” “Swim briefs tan line. Skimpy.” Two men enjoyed wiping down the Marine.

Another exchanged a hard rubber dog bone for the mouth gag before the photographer took photos for Master Ross’ rogues gallery he displayed. Master Ross opened the cabinet doors to reveal a row of hanging floggers. He gestured for a couple of the men to choose. One picked up a light flogger, raised his finger to indicate he would go first. The others moved back to give him room. He moved to the Marine, pulled out the bone, moved his hand and handle of his flogger to the Marine’s lips to touch and kiss, then replaced the bone between his teeth. He draped the strands of the flogger over the boy’s back before moving away. He made a few light strokes with the flogger on the back, before swatting the back and ass harder. He showed his skill with the flogger by swiping the strands by the boy’s sides, then stinging the ass cheeks with whipping strokes.

Still not a sound from the Marine. His muscles bunched. His hands gripped the leather restraints hard and his cheeks showed the power from his teeth clamping on the bone. The white skin began to show pink lines. He stopped. Second Master stepped up, showed the Marine his heavier flogger in the ritual of holding it to the Marine’s mouth. He stepped back and began his routine of painting the white skin with marks all over the back, ass, and thighs. One stroke low on the ass made the Marine shout and jerk. “Caught his low balls, Mack. Careful.” Mack nodded, decided to stop. He went to the Marine. “All done. Balls fine?” The Marine nodded.

They helped transfer the Marine to the two-piece riding equipment, a leather covered bench to hold the Marine kneeling there, with hands strapped in place, legs strapped in place and neck strapped onto the padded support. Total bondage. Ready for the fuck machine. Thor felt the chill of the air more now that his light fuzz had been shaved off. His muscles felt the stress of having held rigid as the straight razor had taken his pubic hair and hair from around his anus that he had kept from clenching after Master Ross had slapped his ass after Thor had done that once. He felt the ache in his gut and sting on his sac from the flogger hit.

Master injected lube into his ass, spread more around with his fingers and massaged the prostate. Thor heard something heavy being slid up behind him. He clenched his hole. Much good that was going to do. He almost sounded off as Master pushed a large dildo slowly into his ass. It had balls of increasing size along it. He couldn’t move away from it and didn’t try. Two men moved the fuck machine into place as Master held the dildo in position and then screwed it onto the machine’s piston. He patted the Marine’s ass. The dildo was at full depth. He checked the action of the machine. Master lubed Thor’s balls and sucked them into a hose with a machine that pulsed as it moved the low-hanging balls. The group saw the balls sucked down through the clear plastic tube, and then released and pushed out a little with a reverse puff of air before being sucked down again.
The Marine’s hard cock dripped into the wide bowl under it.

Master removed the earplugs and attached over-the-head earphones on the Marine, then started the music going. “Classic rock, Rolling Stones, some heavy metal,” he told the group. “Music for the young man to ride with. Her we go.” Master started the fuck machine slowly. It pulled the dildo out for almost all its length, making the Marine jerk as each ball sucked through his anus, and he grunted. Master left the speed the same and they all watched as it fucked the Marine’s ass and he jerked to the force of the rubber balls pushing past his anus. They pulled off their leather cod pieces and stroked their cocks. Master pulled down a little padded sling and fastened that under the Marine’s belly and then pulled up on the rope, changing the angle at which the dildo’s balls entered the ass. The Marine shouted and his cock spurted, and he shouted again and again as the machine hit his prostate dead on.

Master lowered the belly sling and gave one of the men the end of the rope. “Here you go, Sam. Make the boy spurt when you want to, but not too long at a time. Don’t break him.” He dripped lube onto the dildo. Sam pulled a little on the rope and they all heard the Marine sound off and try to move away from the dildo pounding his prostate. “Ross, this is fiendish.” The Marine’s cock spurted again into the bowl. “I’m going to see if the boy can suck cock,” Mack said.He removed the doggie bone from the Marine’s mouth and then pushed his cock against his lips. “Good tongue action. The boy’s sucked before, I think.” They watched the Marine jerk and struggle and spurt. Master sped up the machine and the Marine went crazy with the action, trying to shout around Mack’s big cock. His muscles bunched up and he looked like he was riding a bucking bronco.

Mack shouted as he spurted into the mouth and another Master took his place. Two more enjoyed his mouth and the frantic sounds the Marine made. The Marine was making a stream of sounds, with shouts as he spurted into the bowl when Sam made him shoot. Sweat dripped from him. The last mouth-fucker spurted, and Master Ross shut down the action. Two men helped remove the equipment. They released the battered Marine and stood him up.

They held him so he wouldn’t fall. Master freed Thor from the blindfold and earphones. “Here, boy. Have a shot and a beer, then sit down here. You did good for the first time. You fine?” “Yes, Master,” Thor said. He fingered his hole. “I could use a butt plug to keep from dripping.” He pushed one into his ass that Master handed him. He clenched hard on it. That felt right. “Sit down, Marine,” Master Ross said. “You like my toys?” “I learned a lot,” Thor said, as he sat. “Thank you, Masters. You must know a lot.” “We do, boy. Each of the group is an expert,”

Master said. “We’ll take you to dinner tomorrow night and you can see how the group dresses and behaves. Your education is just beginning. Here, drink up.” He held the bowl of cum from the Marine’s many ejaculations. Thor drank that up, coloring once more, but proud he had made so much.

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