A Night at the Horse Market SF 

STORY: Will Stone | PHOTOS: Kegan Marling

IT WAS THE DAY BEFORE THE FAIR, AND SHORTLY BEFORE the stallions entered the dungeon clubhouse, or rather, the “stable,” the stablehands blindfolded the mares. This included 45-year-old Ed (not his real name), who soon felt disoriented. He didn’t know where in the club he was or what equipment he was near. For him though, it was all part of surrendering control; he’d had a long­time fantasy of being fucked by multiple “stallions” he couldn’t see, so there he was.

This equestrian-like setup is the Horse Market SF: a San Francisco party modeled on the popular German FickstutenMarkt, which allows guys to play as “stallions” or “mares.” Mares are blindfolded and then stallions are brought in to mount (as in fuck) whichever mare they like. This romp would seemingly offer an ideal opportunity for Ed to live out his fantasy.

“After he was blindfolded and the stallions arrived,  Ed soon heard the sounds of sex all around him.”


EARLIER THAT DAY, Ed had been nervous about going to the fair but he still showed up. Upon arrival, the volunteers, or “stablehands,” brought him naked into the stable, which was stocked with slings, fuck benches, and a bed. Checking out the other mares there didn’t relieve Ed one bit. Out of the few dozen others there, he focused on the younger ones who had beautiful bodies and wondered whether anyone would want to plow his field when there were such fertile grounds elsewhere on the farm.

After he was blindfolded and the stallions arrived, Ed soon heard the sounds of sex all around him. Mares were moaning while stallions were panting and grunting. After what felt like 15 minutes, Ed started to worry that none of the studs were going to mate with him. He stuck his ass out to try to attract some of them. It must have helped because he was soon approached by his first stallion. It was time for the fantasy to get real.

Over the course of the party, he was approached by many other stallions. At times, he found it awkward when he was bent over and fucked by guys who were too short. Whenever he felt uncomfortable, he raised his hand: the signal to let a stablehand know he needed help. He asked them to move him to a place where he could be mounted in a less awkward position.

ED FOUND the stablehands willing to attend to whatever he, and the other mares, needed. Throughout the party, they’d help them go to the toilet or take them to the break room when they needed a rest. He thought the stablehands were maybe too helpful though; in his fantasy, he was handled much more roughly than he was at the fair.

Now down on all fours on a cushioned platform, Ed was able to really start enjoying taking stallion cocks up his ass, one after another. By the time the party was over, he counted about 17 but was disappointed that not one of them had cum in him, especially when he heard other mares that night boasting of their load counts.

On the one hand, his fantasy hadn’t quite been fulfilled by the party, since he had not been bred properly. On the other hand, he had been turned on by the experience and ended up jerking off thinking about it when he got home, reminiscing about how he had given up control, and how his hole had been used by many unseen strangers. It obviously satisfied something: he went back to the next party, and that time, he went home with some stallion DNA deep inside him. Neigh!