Spring 2020

The Bondage Issue

Drummer Winter 2022 cover image

Fall 2020

The Rubber Issue

Winter 2022 - The Bear Issue

Winter 2022

The Bear Issue

Winter 2022 - The Bear Issue

Spring 2023

The Superhero Issue

Master & servant Issue 221, Fall 2023.

Fall 2023

The D/s Issue

Rough Rider - Issue 222

Winter 2024

The Cowboy Issue


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Keep On Truckin

Drummer Mag Uncut Raw Video


Drummer Man In Rubber Flipping The Finger

High Shine Bulges

The Bondage Issue.

The Drummer Legacy

During the late 20th century, Drummer was the most successful of the American leather magazines and sold overseas. The publication had a major impact of spreading gay leather as a lifestyle and masculinity as a gay ideal.

We are currently displaying the first 100 copies with more to come soon.

No words.


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Industrial rubber podcast


The Bondage Issue.

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Bearded Drumer Mag Men Swapping Cigar Smoke


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