Dark RITES | Palm Springs


Elsewhere in this magazine, Durk Dehner expresses the wish for a place of refuge
where we can gather together and be our truest and most authentic selves, celebrating those dark rites that have forged strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie going back to the earliest days of the Leather Tradition. With all due respect to Durk, this hope is illusory. Leathermen are outcasts and nomads. The sacred grounds where we meet always prove to be ours for only a brief time. Outsiders looking for an edgier night out invade our bars. We are misunderstood and that easily bleeds over into fear and that fear expresses itself in driving us out and padlocking the door.

The full name of Drummer Magazine is “Drummer Magazine and Events.” We are
working to provide opportunities for Drummermen to gather. Nothing complicated. No contests, no keynote speakers, no classes. Just men getting to know each other over beer, whiskey, and cigars, with slings and crosses available nearby when that all important connection is made.

Plans are underway for the first of these events to take place October 6th, 7th, and
8th, in Palm Springs, California. We have made arrangements with Canyon Club
(canyonclubhotel.com), an all male, clothing optional resort to be the setting. Canyon Club has a limited number of rooms available, but if you don’t end up staying there you will still be able to take part in the portions of the event held at Canyon Club if you purchase a weekend pass.

We’re calling the event D A R K R I T E S | Palm Springs. On Friday night we will host a BLUF dinner at Reforma, one of the best dining experiences Palm Springs has to offer. Saturday afternoon around the pool will be a sort of “spa day” for leathermen, with massages, a barber to sharpen up your fade, the services of Bootblack René, and a tattoo artist. Men you have seen in the pages of Drummer Magazine will be on hand for you to get to know.

On Saturday evening we will have hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and a bar available as we host a traditional All Colors Night, with leather clubs such as Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, the Cali-
fornia B&B Corps, the Satyrs, the Palm Springs Bondage Club, Avatar LA, The 15 As-
sociation, and others invited. Afterwards, Nick Wolfe, who has hosted events that
recreate the erotic energy of leather bars in the 1970s and 1980s, is working with
the Barracks Bar to put together something special for us. Sunday afternoon will see
an erotic art show in cooperation with the Tom of Finland Foundation, men sold on
the auction block to the highest bidder, and some other activities of interest.

Friday through Sunday, on the lawn at Canyon Club, will be those slings, crosses,
fuck benches, and steel stocks that provide a memorable bondage experience as once you’re in, you’re in until the man who put you there decides otherwise.

We chose Palm Springs for the first event because the weather in October is perfect, nice and hot during the day but with the temperatures dropping at night, and as Palm Springs is a tourist destination, airfares are inexpensive. But if you would like to see D A R K R I T E S closer to home, get in touch. We will work with you to make that happen.

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During the late 20th century, Drummer was the most successful of the American leather magazines and sold overseas. The publication had a major impact of spreading gay leather as a lifestyle and masculinity as a gay ideal.

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