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Have a room in your home that serves as your erotic sanctum sanctorum? Entering it is to enter another world: that’s where your gear is, your whips and floggers, ropes and restraints, dildos and buttplugs are ready at hand. The cross, the cage, the bondage table, the stocks, the fuck bench, the sling, and the comfortable chair perfect for enjoying a good cigar while you get your boots serviced.

Show it off, Brother! Give us a tour! Post photos and videos here. Inspire others and lure eager flies into your spider’s web. Did you build that fuck bench? Tell us how you did it. And explore the merchants who can get you the tools and the furnishings you need to make it happen.


We’ll start taking votes once we have 10 playrooms posted.

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Entry #4

Master John & slave don’s Dungeon

When the realtor showed me the house, I first saw the living room and immediately said I want his house. High ceiling for suspension ten feet off the ground, a fireplace for perfect low lighting, and plenty of space for my St. Andrew’s cross, spanking bench, sling, Lucifer’s chair, stocks, mail sack, and numerous restraints and toys. The double doors lead directly out to the lush patio and pool for the perfect cool down.

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Entry #3

HardTough Playroom

Eye bolt ceiling grid; 6-point bondage sling; custom bondage table; spare slings; wrestling mat; St. Andrew’s Cross; bondage gear; ass toys; fisting supplies; porn; after-care couch; dried cum; smiles

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Entry #2


When The Spirit Is Willing, but The Flesh Is Weak: Musings of an aging sub It finds itself at the age of 69 reflecting back on its 46 years of involvement in the Leather/ Levi Club scene and BDSM scene. Being raised as it was on the fiction and fantasies and sometimes harsh realities of a life of service. It finds as it gets older that it has less & less tolerance for physical pain which begs the question: is it still a “real” sub. Does its inability to tolerate whatever pain a Top/ Sir/ Dom or Master wishes to inflict negate its value as a sub? It would like to think not. As long as one’s heart knows its place in the overall scheme of things. Service can take many forms that do not involve physical pain at all. Some examples could be Boot Worship, foot worship, rimming, sucking, or being fucked. One can offer service as an ashtray or urinal. There are also to mundane everyday chores of living. Cleaning house, keeping boots & leather cleaned and shined. Acting as a chauffeur, keeping the calendar, keeping the household accounts. Doing the shopping etc. In the end what matters most of all is the desire/ need to offer/ provide service in whatever way it is capable of.

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Entry #1

The Gym

We call this room “the gym” because that’s what we tell the cleaning ladies it is when they ask what’s in the third bedroom.  There are padded gym tiles used on the floors so it’s not entirely untrue.  We like it’s back room vibe with modern comfort.

It’s a small space but there’s a lot packed in there from a sling to a dungeon bed and a shitload of 400lb eyelets in the ceiling for ropes, chains and straps.  The mirrored closet makes for a place for gear but gives a good view of anything going on in there too. There’s also a high end video workstation with self tracking cameras and the entire room is powered with HUES lights so can be any color scheme depending on the mood.



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